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Tuesday, 04 September 2018 23:10

Australian new Prime Minister Scott Morrison is an anti-LGBT religious conservative

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Scott Morrison


Australians have once again changed their Prime Minister and the newcomer is Scott Morrison.

Scott Morrison replaces former Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull who was fired by his party colleagues. They have chosen a new leader and so Australia has a new Prime Minister as this party won the last elections. That's how it works in Australia. As a reminder, the Australian Prime Minister acts as president in this country.

Scott Morrison's appointment could have negative consequences on LGBT rights as he is known to be a religious conservative.

He has campaigned against marriage equality and is in favor of a law protecting "religious freedom".

Rodney Croome, spokesman for LGBT group just.equal, expressed concern over the appointment.

“We're concerned that Mr. Morrison opposed marriage equality during the postal survey, and is a proponent of so-called religious freedom laws that would allow greater discrimination against LGBTI people,” he said.

“We hope Mr. Morrison will govern for all Australians, and not use 'religious freedom' as an excuse to erode equal rights and protections for LGBTI Australians. Our message to Mr. Morrison is that LGBTI people are Australians too,” he added. “As prime minister, he has a duty to look after our welfare and protect our rights along with all other Australians.”

A new election should be held in nine months to decide if Australians keep Morrison as their Prime Minister, although it's up to Morrison to decide when the election will take place.

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