Tuesday, 18 March 2014 22:38

Australian Prime Minister Answered Students' Questions On Marriage Equality

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A group of high school students from Newtown High School in Australia have had the opportunity of meeting Prime Minister Tony Abott, the occasion to ask him why is he opposed to the legalization of marriage equality?

According to The Independent, Abbot said he was all in favour of having "loving, permanent relationships", but stumbling over his answer, he replied: "I guess it’s a definitional thing."

The student followed up to say she had a lot of gay friends and that it was "sad to think they can’t get married just because they’r e attracted to the same sex," to further loud cheers, Abbott replied: "I'm getting a clear message, all right. Let's have a bloke's question, okay..."

Australian same-sex couples expect that Prime Minister Abott allows a vote of conscience within his party but two bills were recently introduced, one on a federal level, the other in the Western Australia.