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Wednesday, 27 April 2016 21:45

Australian Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull Backs Off On Marriage Equality

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Malcolm Turnbull


Lately, every time we talk about Australia it is always bad news, and today, it's not so bad.

Remember that normally regarding marriage equality, there is an agenda which was set by the government: firstly a plebiscite, that is to say, they will ask the people what they think about marriage equality without that this opinion weighs unlike a referendum. The last time, we saw Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull refused to specify a date for the holding of this plebiscite.

This time, we have learned that Malcolm Turnbull backed off and apologized to the masses for making believe he supported equal marriage, and also climate change, asylum seekers and funding of the public education system.

In fact, he said, quoted by Chaser Australia: "There seems to be some confusion that somehow I’m a hypocrite for backing away from my beliefs on those issues. But the truth is, I never cared about them in the first place. For me, it’s always been about lower taxes for companies and taking out the unions. That’s it. All my other positions were just there to make dinner parties with Lucy’s friends easier. I mean, why is anyone surprised? I’m an investment banker, for God’s sake."

According to ex-Liberal Opposition leader John Hewson, this reversal of the Prime Minister position is actually a party machinery.

"Obviously, Malcolm did a deal to get there, and the deal he did actually compromised some of the basic positions that he’d previously held, and held publicly," Hewson said as quoted by the ABC.

Prime Minister Turnbull took part of the gay pride parade in Sydney last March, this is the first time a prime minister participated in the event.

Finally, according to Australia Network News, Turnbull confirmed that if the Coalition won the July 2 federal elections 2016, he would definitely vouch his "yes" as far as legalisation of gay marriage was concerned. The prime minister understood that it was difficult to convince the public by giving a justification of things while being in a top position and before coming into power through their support. Once he made them feel he supported the issues they favoured and came into power, he said he found it hard to change his position.

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