Monday, 25 May 2015 20:47

Australian Prime Minister Opposes A Referendum On Equal Marriage

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After the legalization of marriage equality with a referendum in Ireland, many other countries would also be able to organize a referendum on the issue like Australia. For several years now, we know, through numerous polls, that Australians are in favor of equal marriage. But Prime Minister Tony Abbott said again that there would be no referendum on equal marriage in Australia.

«Referendums are held in this country where there's a proposal to change the constitution,» Abbott told reporters on Sunday.

«I don't think anyone's suggesting that the constitution needs to be changed in this respect.»

But the pressure is there! The deputies, and even those who oppose equal marriage, urge a referendum:

«If you are going to make such a fundamental change it should go to a referendum,» Liberal backbencher Zed Seselja, an opposant of marriage equality, told ABC.

And the list continues with Independent senator for Tasmania Jacqui Lambie also opponent and many other deputies who want a referendum.

However, it seems that if a bill was introduced, Abbott could allow government members to vote freely, without having to follow their political party.

«It's up to members of parliament who are eager for change to decide whether they want to bring it forward,» Abbott said.

This is great because many political parties have bills! We will therefore follow what's going in Australia at the end of the year.