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Thursday, 18 November 2010 14:52

Australian Prime Minister Still Doesn't Change Her Opinion On Marriage Equality

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julia gillard


Australian Prime Minister Julia Gillard refuses to say whether or not she will support marriage equality.

Greens and Labors, two Australian parties, have decided to consult the Australian people whether they agreed or not with marriage equality. The movement created by the Greens and supported by the Labors, which is the party of the Prime Minister, seemed likely to pass.

According to The Age, some parliamentary sources expressed considerable confidence that the Greens-initiated proposal would have sufficient votes.

Prime Minister Gillard refused to say whether she will change the policy:

“Everybody is getting way, way, way ahead of themselves. The platform is decided at the conference and the federal parliamentary Labor Party, led by me, makes decisions about how we will go about working on platform questions,” said Gillard, who does not speak for now in favor of a conscience vote on marriage equality.


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