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Thursday, 29 November 2018 23:51

Bermuda Court of Appeals rejects the marriage equality ban

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bermuda court of appeals


The Bermuda Court of Appeals has just issued a verdict against the marriage equality ban, considering it unconstitutional.

Already over two years of trial for the LGBT community of Bermuda who, again, won the case.

Remember, in May 2017, Bermuda Supreme Court backed the equal marriage.

But in December 2017, lawmakers disregarded this ruling and prevented same-sex couples from getting married.

In June 2018, after this law came into force, LGBT couples launched two challenges to oppose the measure and the Supreme Court ruled in favor of marriage equality again, thus blocking the ban.

The government appealed this decision to allow the marriage equality ban again following the pressure of powerful religious lobbies.

“In considering whether to appeal this case, we must weigh the significant implications for the expectation of Bermudians that laws passed by their elected representatives and that reflect their democratically expressed views will be upheld,” Home Affairs Minister Walter Roban said in a statement.

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A few days ago, Bermuda Court of Appeals rejected the government’s appeal and ruled the marriage equality ban is unconstitutional.

“In the judgment about to be handed down, we dismissed the appeal of the attorney general,” Sir Scott Baker, president of the Bermuda Court of Appeal, told the crowded courtroom.

Marriages for same-sex couples are therefore allowed again!

The last resort is for the government to appeal to the judicial committee of the Privy Council in London, a final court of appeals for British overseas territories like Bermuda.

According to court records seen by Reuters, appeals to the Privy Council are very rare, although this remains a possible option since we are talking about LGBTQ rights.

On the island of Bermuda, which has only 60,000 inhabitants, the High Court’s verdict is the fourth order in support of marriage equality.


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