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Thursday, 20 December 2018 00:26

Bermuda’s government takes last resort to ban marriage equality again

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Bermuda has therefore appealed to the London Privy Council to prohibit marriage equality again.

It was predictable as we’re talking about LGBTQ rights. I was expecting Bermuda’s government to use this last resort to restore the equal marriage ban, even though appeals to the London Privy Council are very rare.

The government said, “Constitutional issues are important issues, and this Government wants to get it right.”

Nevertheless, the Judicial Committee of the Privy Council of London has not agreed to hear the case yet.

bermuda map

Bermuda is a British overseas territory with its own laws.

Several local courts have ruled against the marriage equality ban over the last two years and the Supreme Court recently concluded the prohibition is unconstitutional.

If the final decision favors the equal marriage, it will set a useful precedent for other British overseas territories that have not legalized same-sex marriage yet.

Bermuda’s government is appealing to the London Privy Council to ban marriage equality, “this is a cynical, bigoted, hypocritical attack on the rights and freedoms of others,” said LGBTQ activist Tony Brannon.


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