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Monday, 18 December 2017 18:14

Bermuda to ban marriage equality six months after legalizing it

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What happened? Bermuda approved marriage for same-sex couples six months ago and now it is about to ban it again.

We were happy to know that Bermuda legalized marriage for same-sex couples. Six months later, things have changed.

Last Wednesday, the House of Assembly approved by a 24-10 vote a proposal that will ban the equal marriage.

A few days ago, the Senate also voted 8-3 in favor of this new ban. All that remains is the signature of Governor John Rankin who should sign the bill into law.

LGBTQ couples will only be able to register a domestic partnership.

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You're probably wondering what happened? Well last July, there was a change of government. The Progressive Labor Party won the elections and started the process of repealing marriage equality. Many conservative religious organizations support it.

This decision has disastrous consequences for the LGBTQ community, but not only. There are 65,000 inhabitants and 600,000 visitors each year. It will impact Bermuda's tourism industry and the local economy.

Senator Andrew Simons from the party One Bermuda Alliance, which opposed the law, said it is "an affront to people’s dignity".

"As human beings, we should have the ability to enter into a marriage between two people who love each other, and this relationship should be recognized by the state," he added.

MP Michael Dunkley also said he was "disappointed" in the government: "Throughout history, if we hadn't stood for minorities the world wouldn't have progressed.

"So many politicians legislate for the next vote, not for future generations."

Finally, LGBT group The Rainbow Alliance of Bermuda said: "We are tired of having to prove our humanity, we are tired of accepting half-measures on equality."

In six months, the LGBT community will have gone from happiness to sadness, from getting the right to marry to being denied equality again. It's cruel.


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