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Friday, 30 March 2018 14:26

Canada's prison system changed policies for transgender inmates

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The Canadian prison system has revised its policies regarding transgender prisoners.

Transgender inmates:

  • will be placed in a men's or women's facility based on how they self-identify
  • will choose their preferred name and pronoun that the prison staff will have to use to address them
  • will be allowed to shop for both men's or women's items from the prison's catalog
  • will be provided with “individualized protocols” when using shower and restroom
  • will choose a male or female officers for strip searches, urine testing, and camera surveillance

A privacy policy will also allow them to not be identified at first as transgender people. It will improve their safety and dignity.

"We are overjoyed that (Correctional Service Canada) is making so many positive changes that recognize the human rights of trans people in the correctional system," said Jennifer Metcalfe, executive director of Prisoners' Legal Services.

"These changes will improve the safety and dignity of transgender federal offenders in Canada, affecting every aspect of their daily lives."

This policy change was a commitment made by Prime Minister Justin Trudeau. He promised to promote equality for all Canadians, including those in prison.

In June 2017, Canada added "gender identity and expression" to the list of prohibitions on discrimination in the Canadian Human Rights Act.

If only all prison systems could do the same and care about the safety and dignity of LGBTQ+ inmates!


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