Thursday, 27 July 2017 22:19

China tightens its policy against LGBT representation

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China will reduce LGBT representation in the country. Indeed, we have just heard that China intends to strongly limit LGBTQ online content ranging from movies to educational videos.

At present, there is already a censorship of websites. Some people have difficulty accessing websites with LGBT content like Lezbelib, and the government will harden its filters of censorship.

According to Fortune and Reuters, under the new rules, content will be edited or even banned if it promotes "luxurious lifestyles," shows "violent and criminal processes in detail," demonstrates "obscenity" including masturbation or displays "abnormal sexual behaviors" (homosexuality).

Note that homosexuality is no longer a crime in China since 1998 and is no longer on the list of mental illnesses since 2001. But, since 2016, depictions of same-sex couples are prohibited on television.

Last May, Rela, a Chinese dating application for queer women was removed from app stores.

A conference on LGBT issues was recently canceled. Organized by Speak Out, this conference was to be held at the Jinsha Theater in Chengdu.

"The conference venue Jinsha theater told us that a government official activity was scheduled to be held on the same day, which left us with no choice but to cancel," Speak Out's founder told Reuters.

"The local state security bureau in Chengdu has also been in touch with us by phone in recent days, asking questions such as what is our next move on the arrangement for any event and what we are going to talk about at the event," he added.

A Peking University's poll showed that less than 15% of LGBT people are out and half of this 15% said they were victims of discrimination.