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Tuesday, 04 October 2011 16:30

Clinics Torture Lesbians In Ecuador

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I thought I heard everything about treatments against homosexuality but I never had heard about physical tortures “to cure” lesbians. What undergoes certain women in Ecuador is horrible.

For 10 years, lesbian associations denounced these physical and psychological tortures and that changes thanks to some denunciations.

Paola Ziritti testifies she has undergoes a “forced seclusion” in a private clinic which pushed her parents to believe that she could be “un-homosexualised”.

“Blows, sexual abuses, deprivations in any kind, constant insults and chains. I passed nearly three months chained up before my mother carries out her act and releases me”, she explains by phone. She stayed in this private clinic during 1 year and half.

But the drama was not finished for her because she had to follow a psychological treatment for 6 months to recover from this.

“All the girls told us the same thing: they are threatened of rape or are violated, handcuffed, deprived by food and obliged to get dressed like prostitutes”, told Tatiana Velasquez of the organization Taller lesbian of Communicacion Mujer.

Zirriti is the first women who filed a complaint and private clinics started to be closed in August 2011. There would exist, according to Velasquez, 207 clinics in all the country!

“For 10 years, we heard about 30 cases of lesbians. But there exist 207 private clinics of this type and we succeeded in closing only 27 after the testimony of Paola”.

To go quicklier because the Ecuadorian authorities are not effective, the associations Taller de comunicación Mujer, Artikulacion Esporadika and Asociación Causana prepare a complaint which they will deposit to the inter-American commission of the human rights.

“The Closing of the first private clinics it is well, but it is not sufficient. They are smallest and all gathered in the same area. Why the one where I suffered continue to be opened? ”, Paola adds.

If you speak Spanish and want to help them you can send a request about closing of these centers to the CLADEM. You will find e-mails of the presidency, of the ministry for justice and health online.


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