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Friday, 29 April 2016 22:39

Colombia legalized marriage equality!

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Yesterday, Colombia's constitutional court voted in favor of marriage for same-sex couples.

"The judges affirmed by a majority that marriage between people pf the same sex does not violate constitutional order," said Judge Maria Victoria Calle.

"The current definition of the institution of marriage in civil law applies to them in the same way."

A few weeks ago, we had told you a first positive decision in favor of LGBT couples could open the way for legalizing equal marriage since the Constitutional Court had rejected a petition that was against LGBT unions.

Until now, same-sex couples could formalise theirunions before judges or notaries, but there was still a legal grey area.

Colombia becomes the fourth country in South America to legalize equal marriage after Argentina, Brazil and Uruguay. Note that the capital and some Mexican states have also legalized marriage equality, but the country has not yet done it despite the decision of the Supreme Court of Mexico to regard the marriage equality ban as unconstitutional.


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