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Monday, 30 June 2014 15:11

The President Of Colombia Juan Manuel Santos Supports Marriage Equality

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Juan Manuel Santos


After the presidential elections are over in Colombia, it is hoped that President Juan Manuel Santos, elected to a second term with 50.9% of votes, will continue to support equal marriage.

"Marriage between homosexuals seems to me perfectly acceptable, and what's more I defend unions between two people of the same sex with the same rights and all the same privileges that this union should have," Santos said, according to Buzzfeed, before adding, "Whether this union is called marriage or not for me is secondary - for me, what is important is that they have their rights."

What a change! In 2010, Santos had opposed equal marriage. Then in 2011, a bill to legalize same-sex marriage had failed in Congress.

Maybe this time, with the support of the President, Colombia could adopt marriage equality soon.

Of course, this support has allowed him to win a few votes at elections time but he will not be able to oppose marriage equality again, what could possibly push some members of Congress to vote for this legislation.


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