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Monday, 14 July 2014 15:04

Father Felipe Berrios And Chile National Council For Children Support Marriage Equality

Written by 

Father Felipe Berríos



In Chile, children and religious leaders show themselves openly in favor of equal marriage and adoption by same sex couples.

For the Father Felipe Berríos, all people are God's children including homosexuals therefore “why can’t they get married?”

In an interview with EmolEmol, the Chilean Jesuit priest Felipe Berrios has supported the LGBT community:

“What’s the matter with gay marriage? Homosexuals are God’s children. He created homosexuals and lesbians, and God is proud of who they are,” he said.

Why can’t they get married?” he said. “The problem is in us, who do not understand, not in them.”

In March 2014, Chile President Michelle Bachelet has established a national children's council to also give them the right to speak and they have recently voted in favor of adoption by same-sex couples.

“The traditional family of a mom, dad and two kids is a thing of the past,” Estela Ortiz, secretary of the National Council for Children, told La TerceraLa Tercera.

The discussion on marriage equality, and perhaps also on the adoption, is officially launched in Chile. I recall that the President herself had supported the same-sex marriage during the presidential campaign. The legalization of equal marriage should not delay.


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