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Friday, 02 May 2014 22:16

Filipino Lawmaker Introduced A Bill To Get A Police Officer In Charge Of Crimes Against LGBT People In All Police Stations

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A Filipino legislator tries to obtain an office devoted to the crimes against LGBT people within the police stations and, as surprising as that can be in this country, the police supported this proposal.

Lawmaker Representative Sol Aragones would thus wish that there a police officer in each police station which is responsible for the crimes sudden by LGBT people.

It would be a question of dealing at the same time with the crimes of hatred, of sexual harassment, the sex crimes, …

Police officers are already in charge of the crimes on women and children, it would thus be a question of adding a person to treat the cases concerning the community.

Police Senior Superintendent Juanita S. Nebran, chief of the PNP Women and Children Protection Center, told Tempo News that police supported the bill.

“We are supportive of that measure. They are inviting us to be one of the resource persons and our inputs have been asked. Now, we are still on the process of studying the bill by provisions,» she said.

That would be really a good thing if this bill was approved because the problems of violences and discriminations against the LGBT community are a serious problem in the Philippines.


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