Tuesday, 25 October 2016 00:04

Former British Minister Chris Bryant Urges Australia To Legalize Equal Marriage

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Former Minister of the British Labor Government Chris Bryant urged Australian politicians to endorse the equal marriage.

He has also been outspoken wondering why Australia has not reformed its law on marriage while more conservative countries have already done it:

"I am still mystified why Australia, which seems to be the campest nation on Earth still does not have any form of legalised gay relationships," Bryant said during a debate.

"I very much hope that that is going to change soon.

"The Foreign Office can play an important role around the world in tackling abuse in countries as diverse as Iran and Russia.

"I say to my Australian colleagues, 'For heaven's sake, just get your act together'.

"They should join the company of nations that have changed.

"If Argentina can have gay marriage, if Spain - so dominated, historically, by Catholicism - can have gay marriage, why on earth cannot Australia, the country of Priscilla, Queen of the Desert?"

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