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Thursday, 08 January 2015 00:34

In Taiwan, The Aboriginal Village Of Labuwan Recognizes The Adoption Of A Child By A Lesbian Couple

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Pingtung County




While Taiwan offers at present no recognition to unions between persons of the same sex, there is no law allowing marriage equality nor law allowing adoptions by same-sex couples, an aboriginal village, enacting its own rules, just recognized the adoption of a child by a lesbian couple.

rukai tribe

The small Rukai village of Labuwan, located in Pingtung County in southern Taiwan, has indeed allowed Peng Ke et Hsiao Tsui to formally adopt their 10-year-old daughter Hsuan Hsuan.

As reported the Taipei Times, Peng Ke’s younger sister, Peng Yu-hua, a former chief of Labawan, said that tribe members who do not have children can adopt if it is recognized by the whole village.

“This is just a traditional tribal adoption ceremony, because my sister is not married and does not have any children,” Peng Yu-hua said. “Hsuan Hsuan has grown up with my sister for 10 years, so the family and the village talked about it at length and decided to let my sister formally adopt her as a daughter.”

“Having children is a good thing,” Peng Ke’s own adoptive mother said, adding that even though the new family’s makeup is not traditional, “we don’t think this is a bad family.”

Meanwhile, a proposal to change the Civil Code to legalize marriage equality was introduced in October 2013 in the Taiwanese assembly. This proposal has to be voted during this year.

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