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Wednesday, 29 June 2011 22:12

Indian Girls' Sex Reassignment By Their Parents

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More and more in India parents decide to change the sex of their child and a lot of girls to the birth become boys because the male children have more chances to success in Indian society.

Hindustan Times feels "shocked, unprecedented trend, catering to the fetish for a son, is unfolding at conservative Indore’s well-known clinics and hospitals on children who are one to five years old".

In the Indian society, a girl must be married and it is necessary that she has a great dowry.
According to the newspaper, the "hundreds" of wealthy families are flocking to a city named Indore to pay just $2,000 for doctors to perform genitoplasties – the creation of a penis – on baby girls.

Ranjana Kumari, who works for the center for social research and a militant the female foeticide, qualified the surgeries as a sign of the increasing "madness" of India.

"The figures are getting worse. In 2001 there were 886 girls born to every 1,000 boys in Delhi. Today there are only 866. The more educated and rich you are, the more there is killing of girls," she said.

"People don’t want to share their property or invest in girls’ education or pay dowries. It’s the greedy middle classes running after money. It is just so shocking and an outright violation of children’s rights."


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