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Friday, 07 December 2018 01:08

Indonesian city of Pariaman to fine its residents for LGBTQ acts

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The municipal council of Pariaman has adopted a measure prohibiting LGBTQ acts, imposing a fine that can go up to 1 million rupees ($14,129/12 408 euros) for behavior likely to “disturb public order” or to be “immoral”.

And yet homosexuality is not illegal in Indonesia, except in the Aceh region governed by Islamic law.

Within 15 days, Governor Irwan Prayitno will evaluate Pariaman‘s resolution.

A few weeks ago, the governor indicated that he was looking for a solution to the “LGBT problem” in the province.

He added: “At a minimum, we are trying to prevent the [LGBT] population from increasing.”

pariaman indonesia map

That‘s worrying! Several cities have approved legislation that goes against LGBTQ rights.

Pariaman is the latest example of growing hostility from government and public toward Indonesia’s LGBTQ community.

Human Rights Watch researcher Andreas Harsono said the law is unconstitutional and discriminatory:

“It’s a local ordinance that has no grounds on Indonesia’s constitution nor other national laws,” he told Reuters.

“It’s just another sign that Indonesia is increasingly having two legal systems: the constitutional one and the so-called Islamic sharia system.”

Pariaman’s municipal council has increased the repression on LGBTQ people who are scapegoats before the elections in 2019.


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