Wednesday, 26 January 2011 15:50

Insults By A Bishop In Peru

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During a debate on gay marriage in Peru, bishop Luis Bambaren said: “Why do they so much about gay, gay, gay? Fags, it is how we have to say, isn't it?”.

Christian Olivera, executive director of the MHOL (Homosexual Movement of Lima) of course immediately reacted:

“It is completely unacceptable and it is an incentement to hatred”, he declared. “In a country where we should be regarded as all equal, Bambaren encourages violence by naming us with a term which represents what is disgusting and perverse. To scorn a community is not an example of what must be the Christian values”.

He then asked the bishop to apologize and Tuesday Bambaren apologized: “I request forgiveness from all those which felt offended. It is an offensive word and (gay people) must be respected”.

The Catholic church is not in favor of gay marriage of course: “A man and a woman are made in a formidably complementary way, from an anatomical and psychological point of view, because the marriage has as for finality the procreation and the education of the children”, said the cardinal Luis Cipriani Sunday, higher religious authority of Peru.

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