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Thursday, 28 July 2016 23:45

Iraq Renounces Fatwa Calling For The Murder Of Gay Men, But Not The One Against Lesbians

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Iraq Ayatollah Sistani


The Iraq's Grand Ayatollah Ali al-Sistani renounced a fatwa calling for the murder of homosexual men "in the most severe way" without renouncing the one that goes against lesbians.

What is a fatwa? A fatwa is a sort of notice given by an important Islamic religious leader, it's unfortunately almost like a mission to do.

Also, be aware that the Iraqi government regularly consults Ayatollah Sistani, one can even consider him as the Minister of social and political morality.

So, as a result of this fatwa, some Shia, particularly Shia militias such as Sadr and Badr, attacked homosexual people and the number of murders has steadily increased in recent years.

You should know that these militias are terrorist organizations that use terrorist methods to get rid of political dissidents, moderate Sunnis and Shiites, supporters of secularism, women's rights activists, homosexual people, and members handing for example their traps on the internet or on chats.

Evidence collected show that fundamentalists have successfully infiltrated the police of the government and would act under cover of police uniform to hunt down and kill homosexual people.


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