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Friday, 12 May 2017 17:02

Israel's Ministry of Education encourages gender identity education

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In Israel, the Ministry of Education has submitted a new directive to preschool teachers asking them to stop mentioning the terms "mom" and "dad" in their activities.

This initiative comes from the pro-LGBT HoshenHoshen Organization, which trains school staff on gender and gender identity.

This group suggested that it was preferable to use the term "parents"

"It's worth remembering that there are many preschool children who come from non-traditional families. They may have two fathers, two mothers, two sets of parents, or LGBT parents who live separately and each has his or her own relationship," Hoshen explained. "Don't assume that every marital relationship is heterosexual. Instead, ask the parents how you should refer to them (Mom and Mom, Mom and Mama, Dad and Papa, etc)."

The group also suggests encouraging the use of the term "child" rather than "boy" and "girl" to positively reinforce children who appear to reject their biological gender.

Finally, it is also suggested to give children coloring books with LGBT parents represented.

The group states that the first series of working meetings with hundreds of preschool teachers took place a few months ago in Herzliya.

Photo from Haaretz


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