Tuesday, 20 December 2011 19:00

Jamaican Newspaper Published Exodus Anti-Gay Advert

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Some weeks ago, I spoke about the decline of an anti-gay organization, Exodus International, and I concluded by saying that soon, one would surely hear about it again because it needs money so it has to act to try to find new sponsors. The organization seems to move towards anti-gay countries like Jamaica. That's why one can discover a whole page denouncing homosexuality on a jamaican newspaper, the Jamaican Sunday Express, titled What you should know about homosexuality.


One learns the "dangers of homosexuality" and its "origins" which are, for the organization, the result of "sexual brokenness", then, "serious health risks" are associated with being gay, the prevalence of AIDS "remains high" when homosexuality is legalised, the legislation does not "promote societal attitude change" and gays "can change". I point out that the oganisation develops anti-gay cures.


Brendon O' Brien, a Jamaican activist, wrote to the newspaper which published this ad:

"They looked at this … and thought it was okay to publish? Not that something is wrong with publishing a religiously slanted ad, but one that openly discredits a community, questions their movement towards rights and even, in a sense, undermines their actual existence is definitely a problem. And this tried to do just that, and in a respectful and pseudo-scientific way as well. The publisher should have seen this and seen that it would’ve caused a problem."

Currently, Jamaica condemns gay sex to ten years of prison but the next year, the organization The Human Dignity Trust will push to repeal this law which does not respect human rights obligations.