Monday, 11 November 2013 20:02

Kaleidoscope Trust To Share LGBT Report At A Commonwealth Meeting

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This week, the Commonwealth nations will meet in Sri Lanka, an opportunity to remember that 41 of the 53 member states of the Commonwealth still criminalize homosexuality.

"In some countries, the laws aren't enforced, but religious obligations mean their governments never get around to reforming them," Douglas Pretsell from Kaleidoscope, the Australian branch of the LGBT international group Kaleidoscope Trust, says. "In other countries they actively prosecute them."

Kaleidoscope will be present during this meeting and will give a comprehensive report detailing abuses from murder and rape to imprisonment, as reports SBS, to give a voice to LGBTQ communities of the Commonwealth nations to speak to their own government.

Read the full report here: Speaking Out - LGBTI rights in the Commonwealth