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Monday, 15 August 2016 22:18

Lawmakers In Tasmania And In The ACT Are Supporting The Legalization Of Marriage Equality

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Both the Tasmanian parliament and the legislative assembly of the ACT (Australian Capital Territory), which is a territory in south eastern Australia, with capital Canberra is also the capital of the country, back the legalization of marriage equality.

The Australian capital, Canberra, had legalized marriage equality before the law to be canceled as the law of the country prevails over the law of the territory.

This time it is the lawmakers who call for legalizing equal marriage officially urging, firstly, the cancellation of the plebiscite on the issue of marriage equality.

Remember that the plebiscite should be normally held by the end of the year, but it will be enormously expensive.

Also a plebiscite simply requests the opinion of the people on marriage equality and we already know, through a lot of polls, a majority of Australians are in favor of the law.

The legislative assembly of ACT therefore request that parliament takes responsibility and organizes a vote on the issue as soon as possible.

Openly gay Chief Minister Andrew Barr said that instead of an expensive, unnecessary and «divisive» plebiscite, he wants a «free, positive and respectful» debate on marriage equality within the House and the Senate.

This support of ACT comes days after the official support of the Upper House of Tasmania. You should know that last year the Lower House had brought its official support for legalizing equal marriage. This is the first time in the Australian nation an independent state shows its support in both the Lower House and the Upper House.

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