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Wednesday, 02 March 2011 17:15

LGBT Mozambicans Want Protections Based On Sexual Orientation

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Despite the declaration of the Justice Minister of the Mozambique at the UN saying that homosexuality was not illegal in her country, certain ambiguities persist about gay and lesbian rights.


LAMBDA, a LGBT association, recently greeted the declaration of Benvinda Lévi at the UN, however, the constitution and the penal code still do not define clearly the rights for gays and lesbians. They talk, in particular, about the article 71 of the penal code, which asks “security measures” for those who make usually “vices against nature”.


The “security measures” include hard labours, internments in an asylum and debarments from professional activities.

The term “vices against nature” is not defined and it is the problem. What could happen if a Court bases a judgment on that to qualify all relations, activities,… made by gays and lesbians considering that homosexuality is a “vice against nature”?

Even if the Mozambique progressed, there are still discriminations to be prevented in particular by adding protections based on sexual orientation.



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