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Monday, 09 April 2012 14:22

Liberia Anti-Gay Group Threatens To 'Get To Gays One By One'

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In Liberia, an anti-gay group created and distributed a list including the names of LGBT right supporters threatening to "get to them one by one."

In February, already, two new laws were introduced to make homosexuality punishable of prison.

The first would sentence of 5 years of prison homosexual relationships and the other one would sentence of 10 years all gay marriages. These two laws are studied by the committee.

Following that, MOGAL, Movement Against Gay’s in Liberia, organized an investigation in order to list any person likely to be gay or who support LGBT rights and then, they distributed the list.

The group said that those implied by supporting gay rights "should not be given space to get a gulp of air."

"Having conducted a comprehensive investigation, we are convinced that the below listed individuals are gays or supporters of the club who don’t mean well for our country," the fliers read. "Therefore, we have agreed to go after them using all means in life."

A member of MOGAL even said that the LGBT community was going "to spoil" the country and that "dangerous punishments" including "flogging and death" could be subjected.

According to the Washington Post, a relative of one of those targeted, who spoke on condition of anonymity for fear of reprisals, said the person on the list already had received threatening phone calls.

The director of the LGBT Rights Program at Human Rights Watch, Graeme Reid, urged the president of Liberia to take a stand:

"She cannot sit on the fence when there’s this kind of provocation taking place. She needs to take a clear and unequivocal stance on this issue," Reid said.

It would seem the ministry is not yet informed of this list, as said a deputy minister at the Ministry of Information, Robert Kpadeh, who added that he was opened to receive complaints.

But the worst could happen because the group MOGAL does not want to just do a list. The flier they distributed warned that the group would begin taking action shortly: "Let these individuals be aware that we are coming after them soon," the flier reads. "We urge them to also begin saying their Lord’s prayers."


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