Friday, 21 December 2012 18:35

Marriage Equality Legally Allows In The State Of São Paulo

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Good news for gay and lesbian couples in São Paulo, marriage equality is now legally recognized.

The other day, Judge Fernando Henrique Pinto from the state of São Paulo ruled that gay and lesbian couples, who are registered in civil unions, will not have to apply to the courts anymore to have their relationship recognized as a marriage.

The legal recognition is from now on automatic and gay and lesbian couples are protected like straight married couples.

Judge Pinto said that the judgement is "intended to enable the recognition and registration of the unions of persons of the same sex without legal provocation" and that it "honours human the dignity of a portion of society."

Gay and lesbian couples in the rest of Brazil, as for them, will have to continue to apply to a court to have the recognition of their relationships as a marriage.

Also foreigners will be able to benefit from this decision to marry in São Paulo by asking for a visa of marriage.