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Tuesday, 11 January 2011 01:47

McDonald Blocks LGBTQ Websites

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Free internet hot spots of McDonald in News-Zealand block the access to gay websites.

"In this day and age it has shocked me. Just when we think we can get used to being treated as equals in society, and in the main centres at least, something like this comes along. Our being lesbian or gay, or wanting to be in contact with our friends and communities, should not be an issue for the likes of McDonald's"said a lesbian, Julz Darroch de Wellington.

A spokesperson of McDonald stated not to know which could be at the origin of this apparent censure but it makes responsible Australia where the data-processing support and the resources of the company are based. McDonald indicates that it will review the WiFi access and will individually examine the sites to know if they can or not be accessible.

Because the customers of McDonald are part of children "access to a certain number of Web sites is blocked” said spokesperson. “We stress that all the content of allowable sites must meet family friendly criteria. By this we mean a child cannot access a website where they can click on any content, link or third party advertisement and access sexually explicit content and images.

"You will also appreciate that there are inevitably teething problems with the introduction of a new service and getting our filtering process right is one such issue."

Gay organizations claim that the sites stop to blocked, parts of the sites being important resources relating to health or parenting for exemple.


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