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Monday, 28 April 2014 10:17

New Supports For Peru's Civil Unions Bill

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Jimena EspinozaMario Vargas Llosa


Which is the relationship between the Peruvian author Mario Vargas Lllosa, who became the Nobel Prize of literature in 2010, and Jimena Espinoza, who became the 2014 Miss Peru Universe?

Well, both showed their support for a bill which would legalize the civil unions for the same-sex couples and would leave back the “barbarism of homophobia”.

“Peru has an opportunity to take a step more in the way of the culture of freedom, leaving back one of the extended and practiced forms of the barbarism, that is homophobia, that is to say, hatred to homosexual people,” the author Mario Vargas Lllosa underlined in his column of the newspaper La República.

If the law is approved, “Peru will have advanced more towards that free, diverse, cultured society that, I am safe, is the dream that encourages the majority of Peruvian”.

He also specified that “to think that the normal thing is to be heterosexual and that the homosexuals are 'abnormal' is a prejudiced belief, denied by science and the common sense, and that it only orients the discriminatory legislation in backward and uncultivated countries.”

Another support towards this bill, more mitigated, also made its appearance since Jimena Espinoza, who last week won the competition of Miss Peru Universe, said in an interview she “respects love” even if she did not really wish to answer in a clear way the question:

“I do not want to speak much of the subject, there is a political and religious interest. I respect the decision of each person. Respect is going to help the country grows. If I agree with the law? I cannot say that yes or no. I am in agreement with the respect of love. My best friend is gay, they are creative, wonderful. All person, homosexual or heterosexual, is worth equal, must not have differences.”

The bill to legalize the civil unions is currently studied by the Congress.

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