Saturday, 08 August 2015 23:13

New Zealand Launches A "Gender Diverse" Category In Its Official Statistical System

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New Zealand will now enable recording under the term «gender diverse».

Statistics New Zealand said that there would now class «gender diverse» people which will join the category «female» and «male».

«This new classification records the identity of all people, including those who see themselves as different from male or female, and forms an integral part of the Statistical Standard for Gender Identity,» they explained.

«Gender identity is about how a person identifies themselves – as wholly male, wholly female, or having aspects of either or both. It is different from a person’s biological sex. Statistical standards are used to help organisations plan how best to collect the information they need.»

In addition to identifying transgender individuals, it also includes those who do not identify as male or as female and are not transgender people.

This is an important step that will allow better visibility of the LGBTQ community and therefore a better recognition and understanding.