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Wednesday, 14 October 2015 16:22

Only 8 Votes Of MPs Needed To Pass Marriage Equality In Australia

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Back in Australia where the new prime minister Malcolm Turnbull finally decided to hold the plebiscite on marriage equality and where the Australian Marriage Equality group (AME) announces that it only needs eight votes of deputies to approve the equal marriage bill.

Indeed, the group announced this week that they are close to get the majority needed to pass the bill in the lower house and that they would already have obtained it in the Senate.

«Our pre-election goal is to achieve a clear-cut majority in parliament, so regardless of whichever party wins government we will have the numbers to pass reform,» AME’s national director Rodney Croome said in a statement.

«We are now just eights votes away in the Lower House, and have a slim majority in the Senate.

«The Coalition has said members won’t be bound in the next parliament, and the upcoming election provides the platform for a nationwide campaign to win the remaining votes needed for marriage equality to pass.

«We would prefer marriage equality resolved in parliament as soon as possible, but if there has to be a plebiscite we are confident Australians will vote ‘yes’ for fairness and inclusion.»

It's been several years that Australians overwhelmingly support marriage equality. Moreover, it is frustrating to see the slowness of politicians facing a majority support of the population.


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