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Monday, 22 August 2011 14:55

Perhaps The Premise Of A De-penalization Of Homosexuality In Ghana

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A question started in Ghana: Is homosexuality really criminal? Question which could bring the de-penalization of homosexuality in the country whereas religious leaders ask for more severity. Until now, gays and lesbians incurs from 5 to 25 years of prison.



Recently, during an interview on radio station Joy FM, Lauretta Lamptey, president of the Commission on the human rights in Ghana, said that "homosexuals have rights as individuals."

However, she moderates her proposes by specifying that she "did not plead that homosexuality has to be decriminalized" but that "we don't really know if it is even criminal, and if the opinion of the society is that it has to be, there should be a debate on this subject."

But Lamptey is not a supporter of LGBT rights, she said for example that "if homosexuality is a crime in this country, then people should not have problem with the fact that a minister says that he will pursue homosexuals," she just proposed that people could talk about homosexuality.



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