Monday, 19 September 2011 17:00

Petition: SMS Sentence Gay To Prison

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"The situation reached a critical point in Cameroon", AllOut announced. A SMS of love sentenced a gay to prison.

"President Paul Biya is the only one who can stop this vicious circle of arrests and homophobe violences, ask for the immediate liberation of people always in prison and put an end to the laws which make homosexuality a crime in Cameroon", said Me Alice Nkom.

Last month, about ten homosexual were arrested. One of them was condemned to 3 years of prison to have sent a SMS in which he declares his love.

Nkom thinks that "the situation reached a critical point" and that she never has "considering such a serious situation".

She thus launched an international call to collect at least 50,000 signatures.

Currently, more than 46.000 signature have been collected.

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