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Friday, 04 March 2011 17:06

Poland Win Against Australia On Gay Marriage

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The Poland, which prohibits homosexual marriage and which does not bring a lot of rights for the Polish gays and lesbians, could be on the first step to offer marriage equality by providing documents required to marry outside the Poland.

The Equality Minister for Poland, Elzbieta Radziszewska, announced that she wanted to develop the gay marriage outside the country by making it possible for the authorities to provide the necessary documents.

Yes I know it is a little bit: “please not in our country..... but elsewhere that will work”.

Finally we can nevertheless say that Poland advances a little bit which is not the case of Australia which does not grant this right of marriage performed outside because it prohibits the publication of the required documents.

In 2009, the senate had recommended in a positive way the implementation of this approach but it has never been applied.

Alex Greenwich, national convener for Australian Marriage Equality , recently said in an Australian magazine about the marriage, that its prohibition was “mean spirited” and that the lawyers of this pro-marriage equality would fight it in the courts.

“Despite a positive recommendation from the Senate inquiry, no action has been taken and the situation continues to grow worse as more countries have allowed same-sex couples to marry in the meantime,” Mr Greenwich said.

He also spoke about his disappointment in front of the refusal of the Prime Minister Julia Gillard to talk about the question of the gay marriage: “This is something that Julia Gillard could give the GLBT community while debate is postponed to the ALP national conference. If she wants to take action she can overturn the current policy on issuing documents and follow that Senate inquiry recommendation.”

The Commonwealth Marriage Act 1961 defines marriage as being between a man and a woman. Under the Marriage Act, a same-sex union solemnised in a foreign country is not recognised as a marriage and it is unfortunately what Australian Prime Minister thinks.



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