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Friday, 09 November 2012 22:58

Police Stopped Ugandan Gay Theater Production

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 Kampala National Theatre

Wednesday, the Ugandan police, armed, entered in Kampala's National Theatre and put an end to the premiere performance by the Talented Ugandan Kuchus (TUK).

"Kuchu" as explains it AllafricaAllafrica, is a traditionally derogatory word for 'homosexual', which has recently become a proudly self-epithet in the local gay community.

Whereas homosexuality is always regarded as criminal in Uganda and that recently the police stopped events 'promoting' homosexuality, the producers of the play did not think however that it will happen for them too.

Whereas the theater was full, the part starts. According to Allafrica, one storyline featured a man who dresses differently from the others and is consequently chased by the group, left in isolation and then chained. It was sensational at times, showing men dressed in women's clothes, and vice versa.

Despite all the suggestiveness, though, the word 'homosexuality' was never mentioned.

Suddenly, the "police has entered the control room and is forcing us to stop," a voice said suddenly via the public address system.

The public ran away and only TUK members stayed but then the police officers locked the doors of the theatre.


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