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Thursday, 09 June 2016 23:42

Poll: Israeli Population Is Definitely In Favor Of Opening Civil Marriage To Same-Sex Couples

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The Smith Polling Institute conducted a poll to find out if the Israelis supported the opening of civil marriage and unions for same-sex couples. The answer is definitely yes, as 76% say they are in agreement with this opening.

In Israel, marriages performed abroad are recognized, somehow…, since the problem is that for a marriage to be truly recognized in the Israeli state, it must automatically pass by a religious organization, and none of them allow equal marriage. This law recognizing marriages performed outside Israel therefore provides no legal recognition.

Civil marriage or partnership are not allowed for same-sex couples and it is on this point there that we must therefore fight today.

The poll of the Smith Polling Institute confirms that the public wants the opening of civil marriage to same-sex couples (the figures here are based on the responses of only 500 people, it is not, a lot so you have probably to take off a few points from each result to get an idea of what the general population thinks).

However, already in September, we had seen that 64% of the Israeli population supported the equal marriage, so 76%!!!

This poll was conducted at the request of the group Hiddush, an organization promoting religious freedom and equality in Israel. After reading the results, Hiddush director Rabbi Uri Regev told the Israel Times: "The survey results are a source of pride and a badge of honour for the Israeli public during Pride Month, but the political and legal reality in Israel is shameful."

If we look at the results, we see that even religious Israelis are quite in favor of the law too. 77% of traditional Jewish support the civil equal marriage, 46%, so almost half of the national religious Jewish are in favor of the opening of civil marriage for same-sex couples and 16% of Haredi ultra-Orthodox are also in favor of this opening. Note that 90% of secular Israelis support civil same-sex marriage.

On a more political level, one realizes that within each party there is the majority: 90% of Kulanu, 80% of Yisrael Beiteinu, 74% of Likud and 57% of Habayit Hayehudi.

Has to wonder why the government has not approved the law opening civil marriage and unions for same-sex couples yet.


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