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Friday, 03 June 2016 23:31

#PrideMonth: Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau Flew A Rainbow Flag Next To Ottawa Parliament

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Last year, Pride Month was full of rainbow flags a little bit all over the Internet and in the streets around the world. It seems that this year the same thing happens again. So in Canada, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau just flew the rainbow flag on Parliament Hill.

Justin Trudeau is the new Canadian Prime Minister and he has already revolutionized things by focusing on a government team full of diversity. He immediately affirmed against homophobia and in support of equal rights. He also announced new protections for transgender people, both protections against discrimination based on gender identity and also protections against hate speech.

On June 1, to mark the first day of Pride Month, the Prime Minister and the members of the Ottawa parliament, for the first time, set a Rainbow flag hoisted on the hill.

Note that the Prime Minister also attended the Gay Pride parade in Toronto. This is not the first time Justin Trudeau attends a Gay Pride, he did this several times when he was still an MP, but this is the first time that a Prime Minister was present.

Photo from facebook/justin-trudeau


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