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Friday, 14 November 2014 23:13

Rainbow Of Macau Requests The Chinese Government To include Same-Sex Couples In The Domestic Violence Law

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A group for LGBT rights in Macau sent a letter to the Chinese government asking to include same-sex couples in the draft law on domestic violence.

In its letterIn its letter, Rainbow of Macau wrote:

"Rainbow of Macau reaffirms our stance on domestic violence that any act of violence in domestic settings – however “trivial” or “accidental” – should fall into the scope of public crimes.

"It has come to our attention that the Domestic Violence Bill is close to completion and will be submitted to the Executive Council shortly. Rainbow of Macau urges for the restoration of “same-sex couples/co-habitants” in the domestic violence legislation [...]

"In the concluding observations made by the UN based on its initial review on the ratification of ICESCR in Macau, the Macau government is asked to adopt comprehensive anti-discrimination legislation covering LGBT people."

Those opposing the inclusion of same-sex couples are based on the Penal Code of Macau that does not recognize these couples.


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