Thursday, 10 December 2015 22:39

Sandra Moran Became The First Openly LGBT Member Of The Guatemalan Congress

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Sandra Moran then enters the Guatemalan Congress and became the first openly gay member to join.

Despite resistance from a population still reluctant to open up to the LGBT community as revealed in a survey by

George Washington University conducted in 2012 which informed that 74% of respondents would not vote for an LGBT candidate and that under 40% would not accept an LGBT family member, Sandra Moran was elected.

The one who fights for human rights and for women over 20 years old now hopes to bring visibility to the LGBT community in Guatemala.

"It is about creating visibility. I hope to be able to enact legislation that supports equal rights and creates public policy change for the LGBTI community. It is my hope that as the movement strengthens, the communities lagging behind can progress," she told USAID.

"Although most identify me as a feminist, I believe in rights for all. I am a lesbian and I live as that. I hope that the global fight for lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and intersex rights advances to a point where it transcends to the smallest towns and communities worldwide."

In recent years, the Guatemalan Congress seeks to bring some diversity in both opening its doors to the LGBT community, but also to women who are still very few in politics.

Photo from peacexpeace