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Friday, 27 May 2011 23:59

School Without Homophobia Kits Stopped By Brazil President

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The president of Brazil, Dilma Rousseff, has decided to withdraw school kit against homophobia.

This kit of prevention named "School without homophobia" and distributed by the Health and Education ministry, contained three little movies:

a lesbian couple whose its relationship is outted on Facebook with agreement, a young man assuming his bisexuality, history of transgenders.

The official reason given by Rousseff is she "wouldn't have liked what she saw" and the little movies wouldn't have represented "an objective view about homosexualty" but actually, it could be the pressure of religious personalities who pushed the president to stop the diffusion of the kit in schools. She chose the censure being afraid to lost some votes for the next elections.

Several members of the Deputies House, closed to the Christian evangelic Churches, said "these kits of sex education encourage a homosexual behavior."

The leader of the Republic Party also said "it is necessary to have more precautions to be sure the remedy is not overdosed."

"I voted for it with the last elections because I thought that it would defend the civil rights LGBT. If it does not change an opinion and of state of mind, I will invite the gay people not to vote more for it," said Jean Wyllys, first openly gay deputy in Brazil and militant to fight against homophobia.


Yet Brazil did a great step towards more recognition for LGBT people by allowing civil unions for gay and lesbian couples on May 5th.



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