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Tuesday, 23 December 2014 12:04

Seoul Mayor Accepts To Include LGBT People In The Charter Of Human Rights But Didn't Sign It

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Seoul LGBT sit in



A few weeks ago, “Rainbow Action”, a LGBT group of Seoul organized a rally in front of city hall to oppose the sudden refusal of the mayor to set up an anti-discrimination law as promised. After 6 days of sit-in, the activists returned home, having received part of their claim.

Mayor Park Won-soon had supported the marriage equality before to completely change his mind facing pressure from Christian groups.

The mayor apologized, small consolation obtained after 6 days of sit-in.

He finally agreed that LGBT people are included in the Charter of Human Rights, but beware, it has not signed it yet.

In a statement, activists of the group Rainbow Action felt his apology “neither adequate nor satisfying” and asks the mayor to ratify the act of non-discrimination.


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