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Wednesday, 25 May 2016 21:43

Seychelles Has Decriminalized Homosexuality

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Seychelles has just decriminalized homosexuality by abolishing a law that condemned homosexual relationships up to 14 years in prison.

So be aware that this law actually prohibited "unnatural" relationships, thereby understand sexual relationships between men because sexual relationships between women were allowed, of course "allowed" does not mean "approved".

The law was repealed by 14 votes in favor of the repealing, the remaining deputies abstaining.

It must be said that the government, especially the President of Seychelles James Michel, wanted this change in the law, but nevertheless he gave no instructions to vote for members of his party.

Also the opposition was for the removal of this law as it wanted the people of the country to be all equal.

There will have been attempts to maintain the law by religious organizations, the country is still quite Catholic, but all have failed.

As stated Fabien Nabonne, head of the association fighting for LGBT rights, it remains only to educate society.

In any case, it's really great to see a country of the African Union to take a step towards equality among its citizens.


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