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Wednesday, 08 August 2018 17:20

Study shows half of Hong Kong people supports marriage equality

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Great news! A study shows that more than half of Hong Kong's residents support marriage equality.

First, according to the study conducted in 2017 by the Centre for Comparative and Public Law, 78% of people living in Hong Kong are in favor of LGBT couples getting the same rights than straight couples. That's 4% more than in 2013.

Also, 50.4% of Hong Kong people are in favor of marriage equality. This represents a very sharp rise. In 2013, only 38% of respondents were in favor of a marriage law for same-sex couples.

About discrimination, 69% favor protection based on sexual orientation. This represents an increase of 11%!

“Our study shows that support for the rights of same-sex couples has grown markedly over a short period,” said professor Yiu-tung Suen.

“A few years’ time has made a significant difference.

“Our study also illuminates a discrepancy between law and public opinion.

“While 69 percent of Hong Kong people said they favor having a law to protect against sexual orientation discrimination, the government of Hong Kong has yet to enact such legislation.”

It's always the same problem.


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