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Tuesday, 20 May 2014 23:13

Study Shows The Philippines Start To Tolerate LGBT People

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In spite of discriminations, LGBT people are more and more accepted in the Philippines.

According to a United Nations-backed study of Michael Tan, “cultural and social attitudes towards LGBT people are complex, with signs of acceptance, particularly among  the young.”

Homosexuality is not a crime but the same-sex relationships are not legal. In the Philippines, there exists no marriage equality or civil union law and trans* people cannot change their identity papers.

However, recently, some big cities adopted anti-discrimination laws but that remains isolated cases because the government did not accept that such a law passed to the national plan.

This study also shows that much of LGBT people are discriminated and sometimes even bullied at work and in school.

The road towards equality is certainly still long but the movement for a change is started.


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