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Thursday, 22 March 2012 19:18

Submit Your Ideas To Protect LGBTs In The Commonwealth Charter

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Following the meeting of the countries members of the Commonwealth which had took place in Australia last year, people and organizations can now propose LGBT protections which will be added to the Commonwealth Charter.

Currently, this charter protects neither homosexuals nor transgenders.

"The Commonwealth has the potential to promote LGBTI human rights among its 54 member states and to challenge those countries that persecute their citizens on the grounds of sexual orientation and gender identity. Disappointingly, it is not living up to this potential," said Peter Tatchell, a gay activist.

He then added that: "Without effective means for the promotion and enforcement of human rights, the Charter will remain little more than a wish-list of commendable, but largely symbolic, ideals and objectives. It will result in continued LGBTI human rights violations in Commonwealth countries like Uganda, Cameroon, Malawi, Nigeria and Pakistan. The Commonwealth Secretary General and the Commonwealth Ministerial Action Group need stronger, more proactive powers to deal with human rights-abusing member states. The Charter needs to specify these powers and how they will be enforced."

If you also want to subject ideas to protect LGBTs in the world, you can do it on this website:


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