Tuesday, 03 July 2018 22:14

Supreme Court of Bermuda repeals marriage equality ban

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New twist in Bermuda! The Supreme Court has repealed the law prohibiting marriage for same-sex couples.

Last February, the governor signed a law that canceled the equal marriage allowed from May 2017. But Chief Justice Ian Kawaley said the legislation is unconstitutional "because it is inconsistent with provisions in the Constitution" which gave the right to freedom of conscience and creed.

This decision puts an end to the law that once again prohibited same-sex marriage on the Bermuda Islands.

“Persons who passionately believe that same-sex marriages should not take place for religious or cultural reasons are entitled to have those beliefs respected and protected by law," Kawaley said.

“But, in return for the law protecting their own beliefs, they cannot require the law to deprive persons who believe in same-sex marriage of respect and legal protection for their opposing beliefs.”