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Thursday, 25 May 2017 00:02

Taiwan's high court delivers verdict in favor of marriage equality

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Huge victory !!! For several years, we have been waiting to find out which Asian country is going to legalize the equal marriage first and a great victory has taken place in Taiwan.

Indeed the highest court has issued a verdict in favor of marriage equality. Today the court comes to consider institutional the current laws that prevent same-sex couples from getting married.

The case was carried by an activist, Chi Chia-wei, who wanted to marry his partner and who ran into the refusal of the administration to register his marriage. He had brought the case before the court and today, not only will he perhaps bring the equal marriage for his couple, but also for all couples in Taiwan.

The court stated in a press release: "such different treatment is incompatible with the spirit and meaning of the right to equality." Current marriage laws are "in violation of both the people’s freedom of marriage … and the people’s right to equality."

Many journalists announced the legalization of marriage equality in Taiwan, but this is not entirely true.

For the moment there is no law adopted.

All we know is that a bill was recently introduced in Parliament to allow marriage equality, but the Conservatives worked to slow down the process.

We don't know what will become of this bill yet. Some people are talking about a possible new bill allowing only civil unions.

Know that the new president of Taiwan is in favor of marriage equality.

Photo by Tyrone Siu / Reuters


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