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Wednesday, 19 October 2016 16:33

Ten Lesbian Couples Refer To The High Court Of Justice Of Israel To Get Their Moms' Rights Recognized

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In Israel, two lesbian moms can be registered on the child's birth certificate and even if they have received an adoption or parenthood certificate, here necessary, but this is not the case for heterosexual parents. After receiving their adoption or parenthood certificate, a new birth certificate with the names of both parents is issued.

To fight against this blatant discrimination, ten lesbian couples of moms have asked the High Court to intervene after the Interior Ministry has repeatedly refused to meet their demands.

"This is sheer discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation," said the petition. "The ministry thus undermining the right of mothers and children in a normal family life."

"This is discrimination, plain and simple, on the basis of sexual orientation," the petition said. "Moreover, the ministry is thereby undermining the right of both mothers and children to a normal family life."

The High Court of Justice of Israel has decided that a three justices panel will hear their case. It also asked the state to submit a response before the hearing.

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