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Tuesday, 26 May 2015 22:29

The Australian Labor Party To Introduce A Marriage Equality Bill Next Week

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australian labor party

Yesterday, I informed you that Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott refused a referendum on equal marriage. It seems that according to the Australian laws, a referendum cannot be organized if it concerns a legislative change, it has to be a constitutional change.

Also, and this is good news, the Labor Party has decided not to wait until the year-end session to introduce its marriage equality bill in parliament. No, they will submit it next week!

Bill Shorten intends to file the formal motion next Monday.

«I have given notice that I will move a Private Member’s Bill in the House of Representatives on Monday which will finally bring about marriage equality in Australia,» Shorten said in a statement.

«I believe the time has well and truly come for the Parliament to debate marriage equality.

«Our current law excludes some individuals – and to me, that is unacceptable.

«It says to them: your relationships are not equally valued by the state, your love is less equal under the law.»

It is time that Australia legalizes equal marriage!

Thanks to Wanda for details on Australian laws.


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